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kansas city / lawrence area music events
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this is a place to post kansas city / lawrence area music and cultural events. if you're in a band or know a band with an upcoming show, it's free publicity. events can extend from outside the kc/lawrence area (within reason - columbia, manhattan, etc.).

also helpful/fun if you:

+ are looking for something to do on a friday night.
+ have extra tickets or are looking for tickets.
+ want someone to meet up with at show instead of going solo (i'm not encouraging it but... hey, if you're going to do it, BE SAFE!) :)
+ want to rant/rave about a(n) horrible/amazing experience/venues/bands/etc.
+ want to post reviews (if they're really long, PLEASE use the lj-cut tag)
+ want to POST PICTURES from a show (please use the lj-cut tag for big ones these, too... use your own discretion, i suppose)

for bands/solo acts who want to post show announcements
PLEASE remember to include (preferably, if you know) all the acts that will be there, where the venue is (or at least the phone number so we can call and ask for directions), what date and time the show is and if there are any age restrictions or admission charges! thanks! :)

moderated by: side_streets and deathstar461

(if you're not a livejournal member and want your event announcement to go up here, feel free to e-mail me at brilovesyou@gmail.com or IM me at bricallsshotgun.)

and even though the main focus of this community is music, posting other events such as art shows, theater, etc. is also acceptable.